Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tuesday’s tip–an idea for storage

Today I want to share a quick tip with you.  Our gorgeous stamps come in fabulous DVD style cases (the wood boxes are wider) this is fab if you have open shelf storage in a custom built craft room (I wish!)  This is my storage, a 5x5 block storage unit from a famous Swedish furniture store ;)  this is actually the bottom end of my kitchen and just in front of the unit is my kitchen table, I would love a proper craft room one day but for now this is it.  In order to maximise space most of the boxes are full, my stamps are in the two top boxes in from the right.  Wood in the blue one and clear in the black one.


The stamps stack in the box vertically so you can’t see the spines.  When your stamps come you get a sheet of stickers, the name of the stamp set is also printed on the sticker sheet.  This is one of my host exclusive stamps Banner Blast, I've already mounted one of the stamps before this picture but you can see where the name is printed.


My trick is to cut the name strip off the sheet and stick it to the top of the stamp case, like this…


So even though I don’t have custom shelving for my stamps, I have managed to customise my stamps to fit my shelving.  This is what my stamps look like inside their box, nice and easy to identify.


Pop back tomorrow to see some of what we got upto last week in my classes.

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