Sunday, 2 February 2014

Something a bit different…

Hello, I hope you are all enjoying your weekends.  We are having some lovely family time, yesterday included shoe shopping for Daisy and homework time for Thomas.  Thomas’ homework is what I have to share with you today.  Part of the homework that he has from school is to complete a ‘Learning Log’ there is a grid of tasks that they can choose from and one of them is “Be Creative, surprise us and do whatever you like!”  This term’s topic is ‘Dinosaurs’.  Thomas and I had already planned on doing homework on Saturday morning so whilst I was getting dressed he asks to do some "punchy pictures for dinosaurs" I say "you mean punch art honey?" he disappears downstairs while I finish getting dressed. I come down to find that he's googled dinosaur punch art and so cardstock, punches, ink and sponges at the ready we set to work.


Thomas hard at work, he enjoyed getting inky!


I have said quite often to my class ladies that inky fingers means you've had fun, I think these pictures show that well!


A little while later, and quite a lot of sponging… let me introduce T-Rex and a pair of Stegosauruses (or should that be Stegosauri?)


Hopefully this will go down well at school, I'm really proud of my boy!  He focused really hard on getting things sponged properly and stuck in the right places.


Elizabeth Ferrey said...

Wow. Well done Thomas x

Vicky said...

Thank you Beth! We both had lots of fun :)