Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Link to Catalogue!

Woo hoo! I have managed to work out how to link to the Stampin Up catalogue. Just click on the image on the left hand side and it will take you direct to the catalogue - clever! It takes a few minutes to load as it's a large file.

That's me done for today - more soon, Daisy is beginning to get a routine during the day now so I will get the odd 30 mins to add some fun stuff on here.

Before I go a couple of little pics of my lovely bundle of scrumminess!!!! Huge thanks to my gorgeous friend Debbie who took them - her website is here

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Very Quick update

Hi all!

Exciting news - Daisy Coral Wragg arrived in the world at 9.35am on wednesday 1st September. so I am very sorry for being a little quiet - I had managed to schedule some posts before having her but have not had time since to get back to blogging. I'll post some pictures later too! Need to dig out the link cable for camera!

I've just got back from an amazing time at my very first Stampin' Up! convention - yes I took Daisy with me too! I have so much to share and will be starting craft classes in the not too distant future too!

By for now - baby calling.

V xxx