Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Regional Training Swaps

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I had a fun day playing with two very busy toddlers!

Onto today’s post, as you know I attended the UK regional training event run by Stampin' Up! over the weekend.  I shared the earrings that I made for swaps,with you on Sunday, so today I wanted to share some of the swaps that I received in return.

So above, clockwise round from top left we have swaps from Lynda, Joanne, Monica, and last in this picture is Diane.  What awesome swaps!  The bone folder with the bottle top charm is actually a team gift from my upline Monica, she always makes such beautiful gifts.  Thank you Mon! 


Picture 2, clockwise from top left: Karen, Charlie, Charlotte,  and finally Cheryl.


Picture 3, clockwise from top left: Linden, Nicky, Claire, finally Laura.


Lastly for today swaps from Becky, Michelle and Louise.

Come back tomorrow for more loveliness!

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