Friday, 18 March 2011

Another Cupcake...

I had a really nice time with my Mum yesterday - she wanted me to show her want I'd learnt on my cupcake decorating course so we had a great time playing.  I have decided that I really like the rose finish to the butter icing and I wanted to show you just one of the cakes - my favourite of the batch and it was sheer luck!  The pink icing had run out so I just filled the bag with the uncoloured icing without washing.  Isn't it pretty?

I'll be back later with a photo tutorial for a really cute little box - I just need to tidy up and find my camera whilst Daisy is sleeping.  Bye for now!


Eagleskinner said...

That's really georgeous Vicky!

I enjoyed doing things like that - ask your mum about a certain fairy tale castle. That is also the reason I probably never carried on.

I think we still discovered icing sugar and flour behind things when we left Unna and moved to Wetmold.

Vicky said...

Thanks Dad! I missed your message, I keep discovering icing sugar when I moce things too!