Saturday, 8 March 2014

Quick update

I just wanted to write a very quick post as I have had some lovely messages asking if I am ok as my posting has been a bit sporadic.  

We are all fine, I've had a very busy week personally and just haven't managed to squeeze it in.  I was already to blog this morning but yesterday put a spanner in the works. Daisy swallowed a 1p coin, and we'd thought everything was ok till she was really ill on Friday night thus ensued a midnight trip to A&E leading to being admitted and me having next to no sleep in the last 38 hours. 

The great news is that Daisy has perked up loads during the day and whilst obviously very tired and not quite herself the doctors have agreed that she can go home later this evening.  Hopefully not too late - bed is calling!

Thank you for all your kind wishes, I will be back once fully rested xx

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