Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Doesn't time fly?


I really don't know where this week has gone! It seems like only yesterday I was posting last.  I've not had much time for crafting as it's the school holidays.  Hubby is home too (he's a teacher) so we've had some nice days out.  By the time we get home sort dinners, baths and bedtime I'm wiped out!  To be honest I'm kinda feeling that way now :)  We've had a lovely day in the sunshine at Barnwell Country Park, I'd highly recommend it - Thomas and Daisy both enjoyed the play area too!

Right, onto the crafting that I have been doing.  Last night my weekly craft club ladies met.  I'd decided that I wanted to do a bit of heat embossing but am not actually sure that this card shows it at it's best.  Will have to spend some time googling for more inspiration for another week.  

This card is based on a sketch I made while browsing around the net a few weeks ago, I forgot to make a note of who to credit so if you think it's you let me know and I'll happily link to your blog. The flowers have been clear embossed and then cut out and mounted onto dimensionals for some added texture.  I also had a bit of a 'blooper' moment when I decided midway through that one of the stamps was mounted wonky and needed re-mounting.  Only I well and truly bodged it so I very quickly came up with another option for the inside of the cards, in the end it came out really well - oops I didn't get pictures :)

That's all for now, I'm going to try and get some posts scheduled as we are away visiting family over hte Easter weekend but I have loads to show you from some recent Stampin' Up! events I've attended.  If I don't manage it have a fantastic Easter!

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